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Summa creates practice exams for students and teachers based on your notes and classroom materials.

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Summa takes your notes, powerpoints, and study guides and synthesizes them into a constant stream of personalized study questions.

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In as little as 5 clicks, you can get actionable practice questions for your next exam.
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Have information across multiple files? No problem. Summa accounts for any number of materials when it creates questions for you.
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Prefer Word documents? Anki decks? Quizlet Cards? Summa allows you to easily export into any format so you can focus on studying the way you feel most comfortable
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On the Go? Summa is natively mobile friendly, making studying easier then ever before.

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Frequently asked questions

What is required to create a practice exam?

Your notes. Summa converts your notes into actionable practice exams.

Do questions come with answers and explanations?

All questions follow a 5 answer mulitple choice format, with one correct answer and 4 incorrect answers. All answers come with explanations for why they are correct or incorrect

Are there any limits with the Summa Pro Subscription?

There are no limits when you subscribe!

Can I export my questions?

You can export your questions into word document or csv

Is this good for teachers?

It is! Any educator looking for inspiration for their next exam can use Summa to create tests based on the uploaded materials.

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Summa creates practice exams for students and teachers based on your notes and classroom materials.